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As a professional actor, I’m always struck by how easy it is to stray from our own rawness, from our unique talents, because of result-oriented demands and growing away from ourselves. I want to work with emphasis on the behavior of the students...when it is truthful and when it is not...when an impulse is followed and when it is denied. This is of great interest to me because I think it is the beginning and end of the work. In the behavior lies the truth of’s what makes the text alive. It comes out of really listening and really responding. When it is done truthfully, it frees the actor to get out of his head and into his heart where his passion lives.


Miss Lasser evokes the process created by legendary acting teacher and her mentor, Sanford Meisner. Her approach to the method he designed, takes the student through a program that sets and continues to build upon the foundation of what is ultimately, for the actor, a true personal technique.  Classes and placement is ongoing.  See our registration page for information and to schedule an interview; or click below.

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